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  2008.12.02  01.28

i now only use livejournal for the mp3 share.

please go to my blog -


  2007.07.20  13.25
something quick

Just one quick thing. We can't just settle for what's given to us and then complain when we want more or something different. There's whole teams dedicated to researching supply and demand in business and music and we don't demand for shit. So they feed us what they want. Be heard.

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  2007.07.19  23.27

So, I was thinking as I played some video games today (yeah, I still play them when I have time), and all I could think about is how much I wanted to improve on the soundtracks of these games. Not really ones in particular, but as a whole. I understand and really like the original scores that games like God of War and Halo get, but I was thinking that instead of hearing the appropriately themed music for God of War I'd rather take down a giant flaming barbarian to say... 'Death on Two Legs' by Queen?? Or, maybe I'm doing 120mph through a downtown driving through buildings, signs and other objects in burnout 3 to say.... Break on Through by The Doors?? I just think that would be wayyy more fun. I want to supervise the soundtrack for a video game. I think I could really bring out the enjoyment of the game just from the music alone. However, all hope is not lost. There is one game that uses its soundtrack very well and thats SSX Tricky. The music actually distorts and changes to the moves in the game. Thats cool.

I saw Sin City today on Spike. It's one of my favorite movies of all time, and while I like the fact that it's being played on TV (I never thought it would) for some reason I just don't like the fact that it is, I feel like it wasn't meant to be censored and thrown on to cable. I love this movie.

New Harry Potter book comes out in 25 minutes. who cares.

Gatorade is the drink of the gods. why would you drink anything else as long as Gatorade is an option?
There's crack in it.

Having a PS3 is looking better and better. All you idiots that actually thought Sony was just going to lay down and die are... well... idiots.


The Vans Warped Tour is coming to town one week from now and I've got backstage access! I'll be chilling at the Ernie Ball stage checking out some Hip Hop acts. Pass through and support!

peace and love and video games.

mr arSen


  2007.07.17  01.14

WOW! I just saw The Police live at the Palace and I've never been to a better concert. Matter of fact, I don't think anyone could've put on a better concert today. Only band I think would do it better would be Queen (RIP Freddie). So that's that. If you're lightly familiar or completely ignorant to this band then I suggest you get into them and then hate yourself for missing the last chance to ever see them perform live. They're one of the best.

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  2007.07.08  02.54
Some Things That Need To Be Said

- When you invest a lot into a person... 95% of the time you will be disappointed. Now, I'm not saying barricade yourself from everybody. Be honest, be giving, and be grateful. Just make sure you're able to walk away and not let any loss slow you down.

- You have to look out for and be able to take care of yourself. If you can't do that then you can't possibly expect someone else to be there to do it for you.

- Don't let something negative have an effect on similar situations in the future.

- Don't let one person ruin your perception of all people like that one.

- When it's over - IT'S OVER! Don't try to salvage a relationship the other person has made clear they don't want. Simply put, if there was problems before there will be problems again - even if they're not the same ones.

- Detach yourself from all things material. The things you own end up owning you.

- It isn't until you have nothing that you're free to do anything.

- Money fixes most problems. Even some emotional ones. If it can't you can use it to buy enough time to walk away from the problem all together. Who knows, you might be the problem and leaving will fix things.  (lol)

-  You should have 3 passions in your life. One should be your family. Granted, you don't come a fucked up one. Most of you kids that think you come from a fucked up one are just spoiled and haven't tasted reality, so listen to your parents cause you'll thank them later.

- Your friends over your girl/boy friends. While I believe they have no business as to who you choose, they're gonna be there before and hopefully after your relationships so regard their words with respect and filter out the jealousy.

- If you're jealous of a friend.... Do them a favor - admit it - and stop talking to them

- If you feel your friend is jealous.... confront them - stop talking to them whether they admit it or not because they'll never tell and no matter what they'll always be jealous.

- Jealousy kills all things beautiful. Man the fuck up and get whats yours. Quit crying about what other people have... pussy.

- Define yourself and everything else comes easy

I think I've lost someone I would've trusted with my life. It turns out they never thought that about me and I regret looking up to them  and giving them the praise I once did. Just because I don't show it doesn't mean it's not there. Be a man, that's all I have to say.

peace and love to those not tainted.

mr arSen

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  2007.07.02  00.47
MIND HAS BEEN BLOWN.... be back tomorow.

Just came back from TRANSFORMERS!!!!

I can say this...  It won't get an academy award for it's acting, but it was one of the most mind blowing movies I've ever seen, I had a blast seeing it, and don't let the cheesy epic movie lines and cliche's ruin this remarkable piece of action and awe, I loved it because it wasn't meant to win anything. It's only hear to amaze us and it does that in the first five minutes. ALL HAIL OPTIMUS!

peace, love and happy 4th of July.

mr arSen

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  2007.06.22  20.39
Defining pt. 2

Where did we leave off? Oh yeah, the garbage that is popular music. Well, luckily for me I can skip this section because I'm pretty sure it's well documented throughout Live Journal and many a discussion forum across the world wide web.

So, that brings me to coming back home after two years living in East Lansing, and damn it felt great to regularly sleep in my bed again. Problem I have now is working for pop. Normally, kids like me who work for dad have certain privileges, and could miss work every now and then at their leisure. They could most definitely have days off when they needed them, and got paid a decent amount more than the other employees. Now, my problem is that I was treated like everyone else there, and I thank my dad for that because it made me realize I don't want to work for anyone for the rest of my life (even him!). So for the next year, basically, I got up way too early and worked way too late.

The schedule I was under hindered everything I cared about except for a couple things. One, I had money and two, I could buy more movies and more cds with that money. As far as my music went, my social life, my physical condition, and my energy go: DOWN-THE-DRAIN. I hated every waking moment running that Dunkin Donuts for my dad. I had met some great people, however, but I could have seriously done without meeting them. I longed for the day that we sold that place and when it finally changed hands I was reborn.

The cold winter working days were over and spring just kicked in. Because, of my responsibility with the store I couldn't even find time to go on a trip for spring break (not that I had the energy or desire to do so). I fully appreciate and understand people who work in the fast food industry, and why they may have attitudes and can never seem to get themselves out of that shit hole. I could explain it, but unless you've been there for a significant amount of time then you wouldn't understand. Anyway, I left that place with a fat bank account and a fat stomach unfortunately, but that's no secret.

The first thing I did while getting that money working put together a quality studio, and it's all paid off and ready to generate profit. Every time I step back to look at it I smile. I also redesigned my room and cleaned out all the old junk and clothes I didn't need or wear anymore. I followed GQ religiously in trying to shape the new me wardrobe and living wise. Minutes before starting this I just finished watching Fight Club and I realize now how much money I've wasted on nothing. To be perfectly honest, buying fresh clothes, cool posters and frames, new bedsheets, vanilla scented candles, and a respectable movie and video game collection have done nothing for me. I hate it. I gotta a lot more work to do. I need to rid my life of distractions. It's clearly holding me back. I can see it holding other people back as well and it sickens me. Music, books, food, ambition, my studio, my computer and focus is all I need. Everything else is secondary and a distraction to my goals.

So, now you see where I'm at. One turning point has thrown me into another. At least I have my music.

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  2007.06.21  23.54

Well, well, well.... its been about two maybe three years since I've used live journal and I was quite surprised to see my journal was still intact. I figured it would've been de-activated due to a lack of activity, but no!

I read through all my past entries which were posted when I was a senior in high school and damnit I'm such a different person even though I miss those days. Well, I don't miss the girlfriend part, but I do miss those glorious, football playing, carefree days. I actually couldn't believe some of my entries. I cursed a lot and all I could think of is, "people don't want to read this, sh... I mean stuff!!" I don't blame all the people that didn't comment on my journal, because I talked about absolutely nothing relevant. Except, some good songs, maybe, but that's it.

I didn't start this entry with an idea, so I'm just going to update you on the me now as apposed to the high school me.

I attended Michigan State University for four semesters, and then came home to help my father out with his business and decided to take some time off. I wanted to evaluate if going to college and majoring in business was the right path for me. I enjoyed my time at MSU and made some new friends but for the most part I stuck with my high school buddies. It's a great school but not the right fit for me. I had to bounce, plain and simple.

While at MSU and just in my life up to that point I developed (even further) my passion for music, and not just listening but creating it as well. I would say I'm a very polished producer and fairly polished writer as well. Only thing I gotta do now is record an album and get my face out there. I do Hip Hop music for those who wish to know but please don't write me off as one of the artists that you hear on the radio where they claim to play "rap music." I'm much deeper than that. If you're interested check out my two myspace pages: myspace.com/jarsen, myspace.com/smashgordonthump. I have two aliases that play the emcee role and the producer role. First, mr arSen, the lyrical monster and all around fire spitter, and second, Smash Gordon, the superhero producer saving the world one beat at a time. Together they form the group, InvincibleMindState, and that album is yet to be finished. Lots of songs written and beats finished but no recording.

My biggest problem with this music thing is finding my voice. I know we all hate our voice when we hear it played back to us, but I've been listening to myself for almost five years now. Sometimes I love it and others I don't. Recently, I've been having trouble liking anything during my recording sessions. I tried to relate it to something going wrong in my life, and the only thing I can think of is the bad encounter I had with the East Lansing Police Department and the money I owe the court. I didn't necessarily have money I could free up to pay it, so lately that's been on my mind for what seems like forever. I'm planning on recording this weekend, and maybe I'll lay something down I'll want to keep.

On another musical tip, I've been back tracking the type of music I'm listening to now. In other words, instead of finding whats new I've directed most of my attention into discovering old American and British rock bands.  Brushing up on my history of the influential and most praised bands of the sixties, seventies and some eighties.

I've fallen in love with The Doors, Queen, and The Police (The Beatles were a given so that's why I didn't mention them even though I am now.  ???).   There's something about the story of Jim Morrison and The Doors that I just can't get enough of. I love Oliver Stone's rendition of their lives as a band, and I can honestly say I've been watching that movie frequently for the last couple of months (I've lost count of how many times).  The Doors are also now my most played band on my Itunes, so you could say they're my favorite.

However....      FUCKING QUEEN!!!! I can hardly believe that band. They had so many influential and mind blowingly good hits! A Night At The Opera is easily one of my favorite albums of all time. Even my little brother, who'll be in eighth grade this fall, loves that album. I'm glad he takes after his older brother and listens to quality music instead of the mindless stuff his peers listen to. It's very disturbing the type of garbage kids are being subjected to in the form of music.

Well, I'll get into that on my next entry because this has gotten lengthy and I can't see how you'd still be interested. So, with that said, Good night.

'I'M FLY, SO I DON'T SAY 'PEACE'... I SAY, 'STAY UP!" - mr arSen

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  2004.06.01  11.00
high frequency flow

Yes oh yes. Game 6
pistons vs. pacers
home at the palace
we got this

I'm overly excited about the game today. Like really excited to a point it's completely awesome.

I'm still in Yearbook and I swear its lasted at a whole block and a half. its taking forever. Its ok cause when I get home I'm working out, sleeping then watching the game biatches.


cath ya runnin yo, one and out.

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