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Defining pt. 2

Where did we leave off? Oh yeah, the garbage that is popular music. Well, luckily for me I can skip this section because I'm pretty sure it's well documented throughout Live Journal and many a discussion forum across the world wide web.

So, that brings me to coming back home after two years living in East Lansing, and damn it felt great to regularly sleep in my bed again. Problem I have now is working for pop. Normally, kids like me who work for dad have certain privileges, and could miss work every now and then at their leisure. They could most definitely have days off when they needed them, and got paid a decent amount more than the other employees. Now, my problem is that I was treated like everyone else there, and I thank my dad for that because it made me realize I don't want to work for anyone for the rest of my life (even him!). So for the next year, basically, I got up way too early and worked way too late.

The schedule I was under hindered everything I cared about except for a couple things. One, I had money and two, I could buy more movies and more cds with that money. As far as my music went, my social life, my physical condition, and my energy go: DOWN-THE-DRAIN. I hated every waking moment running that Dunkin Donuts for my dad. I had met some great people, however, but I could have seriously done without meeting them. I longed for the day that we sold that place and when it finally changed hands I was reborn.

The cold winter working days were over and spring just kicked in. Because, of my responsibility with the store I couldn't even find time to go on a trip for spring break (not that I had the energy or desire to do so). I fully appreciate and understand people who work in the fast food industry, and why they may have attitudes and can never seem to get themselves out of that shit hole. I could explain it, but unless you've been there for a significant amount of time then you wouldn't understand. Anyway, I left that place with a fat bank account and a fat stomach unfortunately, but that's no secret.

The first thing I did while getting that money working put together a quality studio, and it's all paid off and ready to generate profit. Every time I step back to look at it I smile. I also redesigned my room and cleaned out all the old junk and clothes I didn't need or wear anymore. I followed GQ religiously in trying to shape the new me wardrobe and living wise. Minutes before starting this I just finished watching Fight Club and I realize now how much money I've wasted on nothing. To be perfectly honest, buying fresh clothes, cool posters and frames, new bedsheets, vanilla scented candles, and a respectable movie and video game collection have done nothing for me. I hate it. I gotta a lot more work to do. I need to rid my life of distractions. It's clearly holding me back. I can see it holding other people back as well and it sickens me. Music, books, food, ambition, my studio, my computer and focus is all I need. Everything else is secondary and a distraction to my goals.

So, now you see where I'm at. One turning point has thrown me into another. At least I have my music.
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