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Some Things That Need To Be Said

- When you invest a lot into a person... 95% of the time you will be disappointed. Now, I'm not saying barricade yourself from everybody. Be honest, be giving, and be grateful. Just make sure you're able to walk away and not let any loss slow you down.

- You have to look out for and be able to take care of yourself. If you can't do that then you can't possibly expect someone else to be there to do it for you.

- Don't let something negative have an effect on similar situations in the future.

- Don't let one person ruin your perception of all people like that one.

- When it's over - IT'S OVER! Don't try to salvage a relationship the other person has made clear they don't want. Simply put, if there was problems before there will be problems again - even if they're not the same ones.

- Detach yourself from all things material. The things you own end up owning you.

- It isn't until you have nothing that you're free to do anything.

- Money fixes most problems. Even some emotional ones. If it can't you can use it to buy enough time to walk away from the problem all together. Who knows, you might be the problem and leaving will fix things.  (lol)

-  You should have 3 passions in your life. One should be your family. Granted, you don't come a fucked up one. Most of you kids that think you come from a fucked up one are just spoiled and haven't tasted reality, so listen to your parents cause you'll thank them later.

- Your friends over your girl/boy friends. While I believe they have no business as to who you choose, they're gonna be there before and hopefully after your relationships so regard their words with respect and filter out the jealousy.

- If you're jealous of a friend.... Do them a favor - admit it - and stop talking to them

- If you feel your friend is jealous.... confront them - stop talking to them whether they admit it or not because they'll never tell and no matter what they'll always be jealous.

- Jealousy kills all things beautiful. Man the fuck up and get whats yours. Quit crying about what other people have... pussy.

- Define yourself and everything else comes easy

I think I've lost someone I would've trusted with my life. It turns out they never thought that about me and I regret looking up to them  and giving them the praise I once did. Just because I don't show it doesn't mean it's not there. Be a man, that's all I have to say.

peace and love to those not tainted.

mr arSen
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