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Mindless fuck

I'm on a journey

24 August 1985
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What up? I'm an artist, music fanatic, movie lover, food lovin, fun lovin, son of a bitch. I still by cds from the store. read on.
7l & esoteric, amy winehouse, and 1 mixtapes, anything detroit, bananas, basketball, battery 3, beastie boys, beautiful places, billy preston, binary star, black star, black thought, blackalicious, blue marlin, books, borders, bourbon chicken, busta rhymes, camp lo, casino royale, cee-lo, cereal, chauncey billups, chicken, city of god, common, crouching tiger hidden dragon, cubase, custom cars, de la soul, del the funky homosapian, demolition man, dog day afternoon, donnie, eating, eggs, emcees, eminem, enter the dragon, eyedea, fast cars, faygo, fettucini alfredo, fists of fury, football, freeway, french toast, game of death, gangstarr, ghostface killah, gorillaz, grapes, halo, hamburgers, hershey bars, hip hop, hummer, j dilla, jadakiss, jay-z, junkyard ju ju, jurassic 5, k2, kanye west, kill bill, killer mike, killers, korg, life, lifesavas, lifetime fitness, lindsay hunter, lions, ludacris, lyrics born, m-audio, malice, marvin gaye, mashed potatoes, method man, micheal jordan, mos def, motown records, movies, mr arsen, music, musiq soulchild, mustang, myspace girls, now and zen, numark, ocean's eleven, orange chiken, orange slices, outkast, pancakes, peavy, people under the stairs, performing, pharaohe monch, pistons, pizza, pop tarts, pork, ps2, ps3, psycho les, pusha t, queen, rare, ray lewis, redman, ribs, ricky williams, roast beef, rocafella records, rza, saving private ryan, scarface, short hair, sleepy brown, slum village, snowboarding, sobe, souls of mischief, sports, steak, strength, swedish fish, taco bell, talib kweli, the beatles, the boondock saints, the doors, the fugees, the gift of gab, the offspring, there's so much more., timbaland and magoo, vegetable fried rice, watermelon, weight lifting, wendy's, women, writing, wu-tang, xbox